Global Networks Inc. offers both Physical and Cyber Security Systems.

Physical Security Systems:

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) is a premier company providing security solutions involving electronic security systems. We have deployed electronically controlled security systems for uses in controlling physical access to doors, entryways, gates, data centers, secure areas, and other points of entry. These systems have been deployed for use in the automation of arming and disarming of alarm or intrusion detection systems, view live or recorded video data from analog or IP cameras, record and share video data with DVR or NVR solutions, and/or to control many electronic device installation. Based on our proven industry experience, we are able to communicate effectively with Information Technology experts as well as ensuring compliance with commercial, state, and federal regulations. Our mission is to provide a safety, security, property, and data is protected.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all GNI employees are certified and trained technicians within all areas of security. This provides us with a team of industry experts that have a broad area of experience to address any security related area. These areas include: system design, project management, physical access control system integration and installation, maintenance, engineering, storage solutions, CCTV, video analytics, electrical, cabling, construction, as well as custom integrated security solutions. We strive to meet all of our clients’ needs and expectations as well as ensure each or our clients receive personalized service.

Cyber Security Systems:

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) leverages the latest technologies, systems, policies and business processes to deliver streamlined identity management and privacy assurance solutions to secure and effectively increase business processes. Maintain continuous operations by anticipating and eliminating security risks before an attack occurs. Combine network modeling, risk analysis, and attack simulation and prioritize the most urgent threats for fast remediation. GNI focuses on streamlining the processes of achieving compliance with cyber security regulations (i.e. NIST, NERC CIP, FISMA) and security policies and best practices.

Our team assesses our client’s assets and identifies the critical and associated value of these critical assets. This allows us to associate a quantified risks analysis and suggest improvements and allow for better decisions on security funding as well as cost/benefit determinations.

With the recent WikiLeaks event, this has heightened the importance of adjusting the strategies and efforts behind the security of people, information and assets inside an organization. GNI focuses on working with our client to ensure they are aware of potential security breaches before it’s too late. Our team provides effective cyber security approaches, to ensure the critical elements are achieved by assessing prevention and detection methods, response time, and how mitigation efforts are approached. We understand the need for high availability and real-time access to critical operations. Therefore, our team practices effective and proven security foresight planning, and overall good security practices.