Physical Security Services

CCTV/IP Systems

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) provides comprehensive surveillance solutions that empower our clients, increase productivity, to ensure a safe and secure environment. Through our partnerships with leading industry vendors, GNI offers closed circuit television (CCTV) systems (IP and analog) cameras to suit the needs of effectively monitor outer perimeter, points of entry/egress, loading docks, and secured or cleared areas, to software products capable of integrating, monitoring, and controlling access. GNI provides solutions for highly complex geographical requirements to single point installation services specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of clients. Our team has capabilities to customize installations, integrate multiple vendor solutions, perform maintenance, configure monitoring, and knowledgeable of all of our clients security needs and requirements.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) is a leading provider of video analytics deployment in a variety of security intelligence applications. Our team of highly skilled specialist provides customized intelligent video analytics solutions that enable our customers the ability to meet complex requirements. Global Networks Inc. (GNI) provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance solutions including:

  • Standard resolution IP cameras
  • Encoders or hybrid NVR’s
  • Image Recognition and Analytics
  • Smart Video Modules
  • Distributed and scalable solutions
  • Real-time alerting
  • User Rights Management

Our solutions support video monitoring from multiple networked locations, including security operations centers, video walls and a number of display monitors. These video analytics solutions provide our customers the ability to deliver intelligence to security professionals and system administrators to ensure timely detection and reaction to potential threats.

Biometrics Systems

Biometrics identification technology is increasingly becoming the new standard to provide secure and reliable mechanisms to verify a person’s identity, both in the government and commercial sectors. Global Networks Inc. (GNI) has a team of security-conscious individuals, and biometric-based solutions to meet our client’s needs. GNI has earned a reputation as a leading biometrics software integrator and supplier, offering a wide range of best-in-class COTS products and exemplary technical support. Our team of seasoned professionals provides installation, maintenance, and experience in deploying large-scale solutions across a diverse range of environments.