Cyber Security Systems

Security Planning Support

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) understands security planning process and all such laws, regulations, and standards required. This provides GNI to provide valuable guidance to ensure all stakeholders understand and include security considerations and requirements early in the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Our team also supports in adequately determining the associated risk. We have proven success in delivery on-time, without sacrificing details and/or security requirements. Other services include the analysis of policies, procedures, and processes to assist in improving business continuity planning, operations management as well as the general reliability for all critical IT functions. We are focused on identifying security risk and failures likely to result in the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and/or availability of IT assets. Effectively and proactively managing these evolving threats are imperative in ensuring the protection of these assets. Therefore, GNI has established proven techniques to assist organizations in better preparing and responding to the dynamic threats and vulnerabilities that are evolving daily.


IT Security

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) believes that affordable and effective security solutions are possible to achieve through highly skilled technology team members. GNI has team members that specialize in network/application assessments, penetration testing methods, threat assessments, network monitoring, and firewall implementation requirements, to quickly determine the state of your environment and outline a strategic security solution. Our goal is to deliver the best value-based and cost-effective security solutions possible.


Information Assurance

Global Networks Inc. (GNI) provides a full-scale FISMA monitoring and reporting function as well as a wide range of experience with numerous automated reporting tools. We have also assisted our clients in achieving FISMA compliant information security programs. This is conducted through our extensive analysis and identification of critical and technical assessment, baseline configurations reviews, vulnerability identification/tracking, as well as overall security process evaluations. This has proven to be effective in providing our clients with the greater ability to evaluate and quantify overall risk. GNI also provides assessment services for a more in-depth technical approach in identifying inadequate security implementation, design flaws, as well as detect viruses, malware, and the potential threats. Our team possesses a thorough understanding of achieving compliance with NIST, OMB, and FISMA requirements and are focus on ensuring the safeguard of your critical IT systems and data.